Buffalo was created in 1979 as a cowboy specialist. At that time, cowboy boots were the most fashionable type of shoe for young people. In the early 80s, Buffalo launched its first sports shoe, which will be declined in more than 20 color combinations. This innovation will be a huge commercial success worldwide especially from 1995 with its line of compensated sneakers, an absolute novelty on the international market. Since then, BUFFALO has continued to develop to become one of the most famous brands in Europe. Undisputed stars such as SPICE GIRLS, CHER, MADONNA, N'SYNC and CAMERON DIAZ, to name but a few, became fashionable BUFFALO in the 90s. Today BUFFALO makes an exceptional return in the sphere "social network" among the young and the old generation. Fashion is an eternal recommencement. Buffalo is the proof.

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